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Sakka Yarouze!!
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Musix Academy - Chilling in Maji Burger :iconhappy516:Happy516 0 0 MRA - Brush and Pen Unit Coords :iconhappy516:Happy516 3 0 Musix Academy - Kuroko Twins :iconhappy516:Happy516 1 0 Musix Academy - Bunny Setsuki :iconhappy516:Happy516 2 1 MRA - Niji's Fourth Performance :iconhappy516:Happy516 3 1 Musix Academy - Setsuki's Attempt Doing Hip-Hop 2 :iconhappy516:Happy516 1 0 MRA/Musix - Niji's Decision Part 2 :iconhappy516:Happy516 1 0 MRA/Musix - Niji's Decision Part 1 :iconhappy516:Happy516 1 0 MRA - Niji's Third Performance :iconhappy516:Happy516 4 1 Musix Academy - Setsuki's Attempt Doing Hip-Hop :iconhappy516:Happy516 1 0 MRA - Konoho Model for Cosmo Nautical :iconhappy516:Happy516 3 2 MRA - Niji Model for Fairy Kei :iconhappy516:Happy516 3 0 MRA - Cerulean Treasure Modeling :iconhappy516:Happy516 1 0 MRA - Niji's Second Performance :iconhappy516:Happy516 5 0 MRA - Cerulean Treasure - St Patricks Coords :iconhappy516:Happy516 2 0 Musix Academy - Setsuki in Valentine Ball :iconhappy516:Happy516 0 0


MA - Fuyuoka Seiki Application :iconflodoodling:FloDoodling 7 3
Mayuzumi Chihiro x Reader /Under sakura tree
Mayuzumi Chihiro x Reader One shot
You were currently sitting under sakura tree and reading a book. It was lunch break and you had already eaten your bento, so you decided to relax a bit. You liked silence. You smiled and looked at the tree. The white and pink petals were dancing on on the wind. Everything was perfect until…
„(L/n)-san! (L/n)-san! Where are you? Let’s spend the break together!” - your classmate, Kawasaki Takashi, called you. He looked around and finally saw you. „(L/n)-san! There you are!” - he said as he came closer to you.
He sat beside you and looked at you. You had your usual calm expression but your eyes were different. They were all bright and excited. He followed your glaze and focused on sakura’s petals.
„Wow that’s really beautiful…” - he mumbled quietly.
„Yeah, you are right Kawasaki-kun” - you smiled to him. „I love sakura trees at this time of the year”.
He looked at y
:iconakirapinkfloyd:AkiraPinkFloyd 19 6
Halfway in Love: Mayuzumi Chihiro x Reader
Halfway in Love: Mayuzumi Chihiro x Fem!Reader
Tagline: Is this what you call love?
If you asked someone who (F/N) (L/N) was, they would say she’s a rather average, but kind person. Not too popular, but not an unknown persona either.
But there’s a chance, a very small one, that if you were to ask a certain boy who she was, you would get a completely different answer.
That is, if you could even find him first.
In fact, many say or claim to see some sort of…shadow…following the girl around.
Of course, most took this as an opportunity to gossip.
“Maybe she’s cursed.”
“Shh…don’t say that! What if it’s the spirit of a close relative that died?”
“Or maybe she’s befriended a ghost. You never know."

However, she wasn’t one to make a big deal out of things and instead calmly brushed it off.
Ghosts? There was no such thing.
In truth, that “shadow” is ac
:icontheotakupikachu:TheOtakuPikachu 119 24
What I'm Looking For. | Chihiro Mayuzumi [4/10]
Chihiro and ______ began spending more time with each other, and with each time spent, their bond grew stronger. Eventually, it become so strong that it was unbreakable, much to Chihiro's surprise. He has never opened up this much to anyone, let alone his own basketball team, so to find out that he was warming up to her... was quite the news.
Chihiro was pretty sure ______ felt and thought the same thing as him. She had opened up to him completely, and was acting less awkward around him. According to his observations, she was an introvert, and had very little friends to hang around, most of them being girls and rarely any guys.
Perhaps, it's due to this so-called 'chemistry' writers keep mentioning in their romantic fan fictions? The author doesn't really know what it means, so please forgive her dense brain.
"Mayu-tan?" A hand waved itself in front of his eyes. "Yohoo~ Earth to Mayu-tan!"
Chihiro was
:iconxxchocomelkgirlxx:xXChocoMelkGirlXx 26 17
Mayuzumi x Reader (Curiousity)
"I'm curious... Is Mayuzumi-kun's hair soft?"
As usual, you're attending your class at Rakuzan High. You might seem you're listening to the teacher's explaination to normal students and teachers, but actually you're daydreaming about your ultimate crush who sits infront of you. Mayuzumi Chihiro
Suddenly, a gust of wind comes out of nowhere-- I mean from the window (A/N: *cough*) that cause Mayuzumi's hair to move slightly.
He's hair looks.. Soft?
You aks yourself curiously as your mind start to drift to hella land (A/N: *cough* I mean, disneyland /slapped/)
Being too absorbed in your he-- disneyland, you didn't notice that class is over until you heard the bell ring; indicating that it's lunch time. You look at the silver haired male that starts to walk out of the class to somewhere you don't know. (A/N: Is Mayuzumi's hair silver? /slapped/)
With this, you lets out a sigh because you can't continue dreaming. (A/N: aww, poor reader-chan~ /pats reader's back/) You lets out anoth
:iconxcandyempress:xCandyEmpress 8 3
Chihiro Mayuzumi x Reader - Special
Mayuzumi Chihiro. (F/n) loved him. He loved (F/n). (F/n) was a second year; Mayuzumi was a third year. It was a simple life, just like they wanted it to be. They met up on the school grounds, under a cherry blossom tree, everyday. He would usually be reading a book; and she would bring her homework. They bought milkshakes together afterwards, and then Mayuzumi walked her home. 
    (F/n) silently crept up on him after seeing him reading. She smiled, sat down beside him, and watched him read. He seemed to notice (F/n) and pulled her closer to him, placing his chin on her head while wrapping an arm around her. He kept on reading. (F/n) snuggled into his hold. A few moments later, he closed the book and put it in his bag. He gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. What he did next surprised her. 
    Mayuzumi pulled her in even closer. His lips met hers in a soft kiss. It was gentle at first, gradually becoming more heated. (F/n) shyly wrapped her arms around
:iconplatinumlovesred123:PlatinumLovesRed123 37 7
Music and Tea (OC x Reader)
  "But if I kiss you, will your mouth read this truth? Darling how I miss you, strawberries taste how lips do~" You heard a male voice singing. 'Who is that?' You were surprised since you were so isolated in your small house in the woods far away from everything. Like you felt you needed to be. You recognized the song and hummed the tune as you continued to listen to the man sing.
  "My little bird..You're my little bird..Ooh~! That one was great! I really liked how I did that one~! Let me try and do another...Which one?"  You looked out of your window and spotted him. A tall, slim man with long white hair and blue eyes. But when you looked very closely, he had light green skin and elf ears and...two bite marks on his neck? VAMPIRE! Pshhh, nah it can't be.
Ohonhonhon, and he wasn't that bad looking eit- Shut up, ___!
  You were daydreaming for so long you hadn't noticed that he had his eyes closed, twirling around as he sang. He slowly made his way closer to
:iconxdemon-wolfx:XDemon-WolfX 22 6
WD: Serperior Royal Coord :iconariuskill:AriusKill 7 4 WD: Sylveon Lady Coord :iconariuskill:AriusKill 8 4 WD: Asian Flareon Coord :iconariuskill:AriusKill 9 9 [MRA] The flirty Pirate :iconshiro-rasmeii:Shiro-Rasmeii 8 2
Cute | Chihiro Mayuzumi x Reader
You and your boyfriend, Chihiro Mayuzumi, sat on an isolated spot on the roof of Rakuzan Academy on lunch break. You were sitting beside your grey-haired boyfriend and watched boringly as he read his novel, paying no sort of attention to you.
No reply. 
A few moments passed, but still, no reply. You sweat dropped.
‘What an ignorant bastard’ you thought as you pouted.
You were about to call for him again until you noticed the intense glint in his eyes as he focused on the light novel he was reading.
You smiled.
He was always like that when he's caught up in an intense part of a light novel. To you, it was cute how he changed expressions, especially in this moment. You wasted no time and gazed at him, observing the movement of his eyes, and the way his features move in accordance to his expression.
Wait, did you suddenly become a creep?
Once he became less tense and became calm again, you took the chance to move yourself even cl
:iconjaynanase:JayNanase 249 15
[MRA] Cosplay Club/Cafe: FE Heroes :iconharukiri:harukiri 23 5 [MRA] Cerulean Treasure Photoshoot :iconharukiri:harukiri 17 5 [MRA] Cerulean Treasure Poster :iconshiro-rasmeii:Shiro-Rasmeii 9 5 MRA: Yearbook 2016 Template :iconmoonriseacademyr:MoonriseAcademyR 17 6


Musix Academy - Chilling in Maji Burger
For some reason, Setsuki saw Maji Burger right near Musix Academy so she just order a vanilla shake. (sounds familiar right?)

To be honest, I don't know where Musix Academy is or what is look but I thought that there will be a fast food restaurant near the academy.

Half Body/Full Body Chibi
• Sketch
= 40
• Flat Colored
= 55
• Colored with details/no background
= 60
• Colored with details/or background
= 65
=220 XP
MRA - Brush and Pen Unit Coords
These coords were plan to use for Niji and Chara when they became a unit, but sadly it didn't. So it was drawn a long time ago and decided that I should post it

Name: Brush and Pen Artist Coord
Type: Cute and Pop
Rarity: Rare
Status: Free

Name: Brush and Pen Animator
Type: Cute and Pop
Rarity: Rare
Status: Free
Musix Academy -:- Kuroko Setsuki
Made with DeviantArt muro

Name: Kuroko Setsuki
Stage Name: Wisp
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: January 31st
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 5'5
Weight: 122 lbs

Devision: Middle School
Course: Dance/Odorite
Signature Design: Freedom Style
Year/Grade: 9th
Roommate: Not yet (maximum of 3 people per room)

(With "*" are optional, but recommended for characters in the idol/utaite/singer/theater courses)
*Voice Type: Monotone with a hint of feminine and coldness
*Voice Actor: Minami Tanaka
*Voice Sample:…

Appeal: Kuroko Setsuki's appeal is very unusual. She can appear out of nowhere like magic, but her dance is also like magic that can pull people in trance.

Personality: Like her older twin brother, she has a deadpan and straight forward personality. She's also polite to people, but can have a sharp tongue when someone insulted her. She tends to pop out of nowhere, just like her twin. Like her twin brother, she's very observant to people and even pointed out the smallest details. She loves dancing when she was little and always show her dancing to her twin brother. Setsuki loves her twin brother a lot, despite of going to Musix Academy to continue dancing. Setsuki is interested in ghost stories and usually has a ghost stuff toy with her.
Likes: Dancing, her twin brother, basketball, ghost stories, vanilla shakes, cookies n creme sweet stuff, quiet places, stuff animals
Dislikes: Loud and crowded places, bullies, arrogant people, sour food
Kuroko Setsuki is the younger twin sister of Kuroko Tetsuya. She started dancing when she saw a performer dances on the streets. Setsuki started dancing since then and was praised by Tetsuya. She goes to Teiko to be with her twin, but kept her presence hidden from other people. During that time, she started dancing the streets just by popping out of nowhere. But in her second year in middle school, she was angry at the Generation of Miracles for hurting her twin's feelings of playing basketball. Later that time, Setsuki notice that the Musix Academy wanted students to apply. At first she doesn't want to leave her twin, not after what happened, but Tetsuya encouraged her to go and continue dancing. Finally, she signed up for Musix Academy and got accepted.
Kuroko Tetsuya -:- Older Twin Brother
-Yes, she is the twin sister of THE Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basket
-Unlike her twin, she can control her presence whether she wants to be seen or not
-She went to Musix Academy after her second year in Teiko
-She's doesn't like being called average
-Setsuki and Tetsuya played "Which one is Tetsuya/Setsuki"
-Setsuki always wears a beanie when she's dancing just to hide her face and/or eyes
-Due to her twin brother being called the "Phantom Sixth Man", Setsuki was called as the "Wisp" due to her dancing out of nowhere.

Points & Rank: 1175 XP

That took me forever to finish this app. I've put a lot of thought on this and I don't know if crossover is alright, but I hope you like her! :)
Musix Academy - Kuroko Twins
I just thought that what if I drew Kuroko Setsuki along with Kuroko Tetsuya. So I did and it went pretty well.

Kuroko Tetsuya does not belong to me.
Kuroko Setsuki belongs to me.

Half Body/Full Body Chibi
• Sketch
= 40
• Flat Colored
= 55
• Colored with details/no background
= 60
• Colored with details/or background
= 65
= 200 XP
Musix Academy - Bunny Setsuki
This coord, Freedom Rabbit Style belongs to Flodoodling. I feel like its too early for Easter, but Setsuki's main brand will be Freedom Style.

Full Body
• Sketch
= 85
• Manga shaded sketch/Lineart
= 90
• Flat Colored
= 95
• Colored with details/or background
= 105
=305 XP
Are you a RWBY fan? Do you have your own RWBY OC? You want your RWBY OC to be a hunter/huntress? If so, then go to this new group:


Lantern Academy is a boarding school in Vacuo that much similar to Beacon Academy. Professor fella ( Works ) It may not be good as Beacon, but if we all try our hardest, we can be as good as Beacon! Caramel dansen emote But before students  can enter, Lantern Academy needed  8 Moderators in order students can actually enter. If that's a job you're good at, then I suggest you go for it! Italy (Thumbs Up) [V2] The other 2 members of Lantern Academy will explain how to be a moderator. And here is a little story of Lantern Academy:

So what are you waiting for? Go and enroll Lantern Academy! Come With Me

Also, please spread the word for all RWBY fans! We need this academy some students and get rolling! Rolling Cancer La

You can copy and paste this if you want. Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely Wink) [V3] 


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Personality: I'm very shy and quiet in public, but whenever I'm with my friends, I'm very cheerful, energetic and crazy with a big imagination. Not only I'm an artist, but also a singer, writer, soccer freak, otaku, and poet.

Hobby: Playing soccer (hehe sound familar?), writing, soccer, baking, drawing

My most favorite anime of all times is the Inazuma Eleven Series because the anime is all about soccer and it's also inspirational about the characters and the plot too. That's why I usually love drawing about Inazuma Eleven! :D

Besides Inazuma Eleven, I also love Pokemon. Pokemon is my life and I don't know what I'll do. I first fell in love in Pokemon is when I saw my older brother playing when I was little. That made me want to play Pokemon for eternity! XD




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